Learn Jets - Earn your Citation Mustang PIC TYpe Rating or Citation Jet Type Rating in the airplane.


November 2012 – At the recent NBAA Convention, LearnJets announced the introduction of an entire suite of online Enrichment Courses.  These web-based courses deliver the essential training that every pilot needs at a low cost and on your own pace and schedule.

Click HERE to view the new course offerings.  Call LearnJets at (321) 226-9437 to purchase a web-based course today!


LearnJets would like to congratulate some of our recent graduates:

Mar 2013 – Gene S – High Altitude Endorsement in CJ2+
Dec 2012 – Frank S – Citation 525 PIC Type Rating!
Nov 2012 – Brian J – Multi-Engine Rating and Type Rating in Citation Mustang!
Nov 2012 – Kevin T – Citation Mustang Single-Pilot PIC Type Rating!
Nov 2012 – Phil L and Olivier D – Citation Mustang custom single-pilot proficiency course!
Nov 2012 – French Clients – North Atlantic Crossing training and actual crossing in Citation Mustang!
Oct 2012 – Arie L – Citation CJ2+ PIC Initial Type Rating!
Oct 2012 – Igor M – Citation Mustang international operations aircraft training!
Oct 2012 – Maxim G – Citation Mustang Type Rating, and North Atlantic Crossing in the Citation Mustang!

You should be next on this list!  Call us at (321) 226-9437 to schedule your training!

Client Testimonial:

“The staff at LearnJets provided me with outstanding customer service and a fantastic training experience from start to finish.  I was able to gain invaluable real-world experience in the aircraft for a very affordable price.”

- Gene Stuart, CJ2+, April 2013

Call us today at
(321) 226-9437 to learn more or to register.


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