CE-510 Citation Mustang 61.58 Course

Cessna Citation Mustang Type Rating CourseThe CE-510 Citation Mustang 61.58 Recurrent PIC Course is perfect for a corporate pilot or an owner pilot who needs to obtain required annual training per Federal Aviation Regulations 61.58.

You may already be aware that effective 10/31/2012 the requirements under 61.58 change.  The new requirement can be summarized like this:

On any day that you wish to act as PIC in a Citation Mustang, you must have either:

  • Completed a Citation Mustang 61.58 Recurrent training course within the preceding 12 calendar months, OR
  • Completed a Citation Mustang 61.58 Recurrent training course within the preceding 24 months as long you have completed a 61.58 recurrent training course in any other jet airplane within the preceding 12 months.

At LearnJets, our Citation Mustang 61.58 recurrent course includes everything!  It includes a complete ground school and flight training, and is taught using the actual aircraft.  The LearnJets course is concise yet comprehensive.  It will save you time and money when compared to traditional simulator courses, and you will undoubtedly learn some new real-world skills from our staff of expert instructors.  This 3-day course will fully refresh your skills as a PIC of the Citation Mustang CE-510 series.  It consists of 1 1/2 days of ground training on aircraft limitations, systems, avionics (Garmin G1000), weight and balance and performance, followed by 1 1/2 days of in-aircraft training.  The course includes up to 3 hours of actual aircraft use in our Cessna Citation Mustang, complete ground and flight preparation as well as your proficiency check flight with our FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.  This is not an actual check-ride, but a proficiency check which must be conducted by a pilot examiner.

The Citation Mustang 61.58 Recurrent Course is taught at the LearnJets training center in Sanford, FL, and includes:

  • Advance access to all study materials including limitations, performance, weight and balance, and systems study guides in electronic format
  • All ground school materials and supplies
  • Complete ground school covering: Aircraft systems, limitations, operations, performance, weight and balance, and avionics
  • In-aircraft procedures training including systems, avionics, CRM and maneuvers
  • In-aircraft flight training in preparation for the check-ride, to include all required maneuvers/procedures: normal, abnormal, emergency operations, air-work, approaches, etc.
  • Proficiency check flight with our FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

Upon completion of this course and successful completion of the proficiency check flight  with our FAA designated examiner, you will receive:

  • CE-510 61.58 Recurrent Ground School Completion Certificate
  • CE-510 61.58 Recurrent Flight Training Completion Certificate
  • The issuance of an FAA Form 8410-1 – Airman Proficiency Qualification Check

Course cost: $9,999 – this includes everything – nothing is hidden.  (Deduct $4,000 if you use your aircraft at our location).  No extra charges for the examiner, no extra charges for single-pilot qualification. When you compare this full-disclosure cost to some of the other options in the marketplace, you’ll find that we’re  much more affordable.  For example, many training providers would rather lure you with a low price, but they don’t include fuel or they don’t include the examiner fee, or they may only include one hour in the airplane (which is clearly not enough to train and to do your check ride). We’re certain that when you do your research, you’ll make the best choice.  We offer multi-pilot discounts and a rewarding referral program.  Please call our office for details.

If you wish to use your airplane at our location, you can deduct $4,000 from the course cost.

Call (321) 226-9437 for more information or to schedule your course dates.

Please call us today with any questions, or to schedule your training.  A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking, to hold your course date.  The balance is due when you arrive.  We have local hotel and rental car discounts available, and our professional team of concierge staff and instructors will make your training a cost-effective and positive experience.  Our long list of satisfied clients all agree.

Notes: Each pilot is different, and can require differing preparation to complete the course and check-ride.  This course is based on the needs of an average, proficient Mustang pilot with current instrument experience.  The course includes the full use of our Citation Mustang aircraft for up to 3.0 flight hours, and a total of 3 days of ground and flight instruction.  Any days (or portions of days) beyond 3 will have an instructor fee of $1,000/day, and any flight time required beyond the 3.0 hours included will be at a cost of $2,000/hour inclusive of fuel for aircraft use.

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